Communication & Storyboarding

Since time immortal, humans have absorbed information and wisdom from others by means of stories. Whether sitting around the campfire, planning a battle, or jockeying in the board room, stories wield the power to influence our thoughts and emotions in ways that logic and facts rarely can. In this course, we explore the fundamentals of storytelling as it applies to communication in the corporate context. Students learn to synthesize what they have to say and articulate it in the right sequence for their audience to understand.

Course Directors

Rajul Garg is the Director of Sunstone Business School. A successful IT entrepreneur, he co-founded GlobalLogic (sold for $420M in 2013).

Rajul has advised a variety of VC funds including Sequoia Capital. He serves on many Boards of Directors, including PeopleStrong (USD $1bn company). Rajul is a graduate in Computer Science from IIT Delhi.


Nitin Gupta
Samya Retail
Prabhat Kiran Padhy
Praveen Narayana Pillai
Service Delivery Manager

Shubham Chaturvedi,
Technical Lead,

I now visualize and present ideas in a structured manner

I now know the science behind effective communication, I can visualize the bigger picture. Recently while presenting the new ideas proposed by our group to the VP for India Operations, I could highlight the benefits of the ideas to the business in a much organized manner.

My communication is now crisp and effective.

I now understand the management’s point of view and I keep my communication short and crisp. I also got appreciation from the onsite manager for the same. The topics like thought anchoring are immensely helpful in preparation of presentations.

Jaswinderbir Sawhney
Senior Consultant,