Organizational Structure & Effectiveness

Due to the sheer number of people spread across large organizations, business leaders rarely get the luxury of controlling anything directly. Instead they cluster, delegate, motivate and empower teams of people to get things done. Hence organization structure becomes the most basic tool of the Chief Executive.

In this course, students develop familiarity with the organization designer’s toolkit and how to interpret and understand their companies structural elements.

Course Directors

Rajul Garg is the Director of Sunstone Business School. A successful IT entrepreneur, he co-founded GlobalLogic (sold for $420M in 2013).

Rajul has advised a variety of VC funds including Sequoia Capital. He serves on many Boards of Directors, including PeopleStrong (USD $1bn company). Rajul is a graduate in Computer Science from IIT Delhi.


Varun Sharma
Senior Consultant
Sampada Bidikar
Assistant Manager
Akhilesh Mahajan
Synapse Design

Ashwini Saxena,
Deputy Manager, CSC

My Roadmap to the Top

This course helped me learn facts about my own company, that were right there before me but never made sense till now!! I started appreciating the fact that my CEO had 17 direct reports, I learnt their goals and also learnt how my role tied up to my companies vision and strategic objectives. Something that I never attempted to know in 10 yrs of my association with this company!.

I have clarity now!

After this course, I understand the role of senior management in an organization and complexity of their role in a better way. Now I understand the objective behind certain decisions that the senior management takes and hence instead of complaining, I try to support in which ever way I can.

Mohit Garg
Product Professional,