Customers form the core asset of any company. But gone are the days when buyers appear out of thin air. Today’s marketers find it increasingly difficult to attract new customers. Also, the competition may offer such attractive alternatives that retaining the existing customers becomes a separate problem of it’s own.

In this module, students learn the importance of wise marketing investments, including -appreciating the lifetime value of a new customer and the cost of losing an existing customer, calculating the ROI of marketing campaigns based on customer acquisition cost, familiarity with the basic tools and techniques of the marketing and understanding the challenges and risks inherent in the sales function .

Course Directors

Nituj Gupta is former Executive Director of the ABES IT Group of Institutions Ghaziabad and has been associated with this educational group since its inception.

He has several years of sales and marketing experience in public and private sector. Nituj has been passionate about teaching and played an active role as a corporate trainer and consultant.


Parag Khachane
Application Architect
Aroopam Bhuyan
Associate Project Manager
Basware Corporation
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Associate- Project

Muthu Kumaran,
Principal Member of Tech Staff,

I now evaluate the competing brands from a net customer delivered value perspective

This course from SBS on marketing gave me a paradigm shift in my thought process. Got to know the nature and scope of marketing in detail. Now I can confidently evaluate any new business proposal using the Customer acquisition cost and Customer life time value for its effectiveness.

Thanks Nituj for offering such a great course

Introduction to marketing course helped me to understand four basic concepts in marketing. I was fascinated with the way Nituj has provided feedback for assignments with a turn around time of less than 12 hours. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested to know the basics of marketing.Thanks Nituj for offering such a great course.

Ajith Sundarraj
Test Engineer,