Frequently Asked Questions

Program FAQ

Nanodegrees are changing the education by delivering experiential and hands-on learning by industry experts. Nanodegrees are built by industries and are widely recognized as skill-oriented programs in specific areas. The nano-MBA differences are:

  • Highly interactive online model with coaching and regular classes, which are accessible and affordable.
  • Non-theoretical coursework that includes hands-on skills and projects for immediate benefits
  • Industry experts as coaches, regular project review and feedback
  • Career development center to support students in their quest to build their careers

The Sunstone nano-MBA program is designed with the aim of helping working professionals steer their career in the right direction. Some wish to rise through the managerial levels in their current functions, while others prefer to change tracks altogether. For example, a delivery manager might aspire for product management roles, a technical ERP consultant could attempt to break into to functional consulting, and a post-sales delivery manager sometimes dreams of making it into pre-sales and business development.

nano-MBA is for everyone. Any working professional solving for future growth should have strong business foundations to pitch for the right opportunity within or outside the company. Some of the typical profiles are:

  • Engineers / Analysts / Operations/ Sales/ Market Research people looking for growth in their current trajectory, and hence, need to learn business skills to grow their influence and communicate effectively with stakeholders.
  • Individual contributors/ New managers (e.g., Team Leads, Project Managers) planning to grow in people management and client engagement (Account Management, Product Management, Business Development)
  • Senior mid-level managers (e.g., Delivery Manager, Engagement Managers) planning to take more business responsibilities.
  • Architects / Solution Architects planning to grow into more CTO-like roles for a product/ enterprise and looking to get a more customer view of technology.
  • Complete Business foundation knowledge in areas such as Finance, Marketing, Client Engagement, Communication to make you ready for growth, promotions, move into different roles and change your career trajectory.
  • Strong network of a community representing 350+ companies in 36 locations to make jobs, opportunities and mentorship accessible for life
  • Active career development service and career coaching to help students create job opportunities and career transitions. Sunstone students have been consistently getting significant salary increases and role changes. Read more about it at Career.

Professionals need to build business skills to grow in their career paths as well as explore other career options. This certification is approved by Govt of India (NSDC) as management up-skilling program for working professionals. Following are the objectives of the program:

  • Become ready for business roles by understanding business ecosystem and making business decisions.
  • Learn and practice basic management tools in all areas such as Finance, Marketing, Economics
  • Understand your career choices and plan your career trajectory.
  • Do specialized courses in area of your choice e.g., general technology management, Entrepreneurship and leadership, business analytics, digital marketing
  • Network with Sunstone industry mentors and create a large network for life

No. This program does not require you to leave your job. However, you need to spend 12-13 Hours every week to complete it on time.

Curriculum is delivered 100% online. However, its highly interactive program with live one-to-one interaction and guidance from faculty and industry leaders. Students are connected with their peers and coaches 24X7 through the course portal.

Sunstone also organizes online networking days where students, alumni, industry guests come together for to learn and network together.

Nanodegrees such as nano-MBA are intense, and project based programs run by industry experts to build in-demand skills in specific areas. They are considered practical learning based programs as they focus on project works rather than going through text books. They are useful for anyone who wants to learn MBA skills through practical learning in a shorter duration.

Please refer to our curriculum for specializations. Students choose specialization based on their career choices. For example: senior professionals or people interested in entrepreneurship choose Business Planning and Entrepreneurship as they want to learn skills such as idea generation, business planning, operating plans. Analytics is chosen by people who want to advance in careers related to analytics.

You don’t need to decide it at the time of admission. You will do the core courses first, and then you can discuss with coaches to identify right area for you.

Yes. Sunstone is the only program for working professionals in India with a career development service. It helps students to create opportunities and pitch for those opportunities

Sunstone curriculum is built on Problem based learning, it’s NOT a textbook based program. Faculty acts like a coach and help students to solve business problems. Sunstone is considered the most interactive online program with 4 Hrs/week of online LIVE classes and another 8 Hrs/week of group learning through problems. All students have access to Sunstone portal with licensed content from our partners including Harvard Business Publishing. Assignments, Project work, Team Workshops and Networking Events are other parts of the Curriculum.

Some Sunstone students want to grow as individual contributor or technical specialists. nano-MBA is the right program for them as it provides foundational knowledge and skills that are required to manage stakeholders and understand their perspective. Even when you follow a technical specialist path, it’s important to build these skills so you can appreciate other perspective and sell your ideas.

Sunstone certification has a huge value because it signals the knowledge and skills of our students. Sunstone is a rigorous program that requires sincerity and commitment to complete. Various companies have been posting relevant jobs through placement services. Our recognition is also a result of our alumni’s success and performance in their companies. However, it ultimately comes down to specific student’s knowledge and skills.

This program helps you create differentiation by building critical business knowledge required to move and grow in management roles. Sunstone students started to move towards a management career path after doing this program. You need to be persistent with your effort and commitment to make it happen

Majority students complete the program by spending 12-13 hours every week. You would not be able to complete the program in given time frame if you can’t spend this time regularly.

Sunstone is the largest Govt of India approved up-skilling management program in India. Students will get NSDC (National Skills Development Center) approved certificates.

Nothing changes. Most of the delivery of the program is done through web based classes and group assignments which require co-ordination over email, phone etc. You still need to spend 12-13 Hrs/week to be regular.

There is no final exam. This is a credit based system so students need to complete (pass) required number of courses in the level. If you fail any course, you need to repeat it to clear it.

All courses have their own evaluation criterion, which can be a mix of individual assignments, group problems, project work, class participation.

If you can’t spend time on program due to higher workload or some other situation, you can drop certain courses in between and complete the certificate in a little bit longer time. You are allowed to complete program in one year.

Sunstone has one of the strongest ecosystems for entrepreneurs. Multiple successful companies have come out from Sunstone community as we feel passionately about developing a spirit of entrepreneurship. Sunstone runs “Sunstone Capital Fund” to invest in startups by Sunstone alumni. Senior jobs in start-ups are also an important part of our placement focus.

The basis of our program is learning by problem solving. We take real world problem situations and impart management concepts in the course of solving them. Our program is designed and monitored and delivered by senior Industry professionals.

Once you are registered for the program, you can't get the fee refund. However, you can extend the program and take more time to complete the program by paying a small penalty. The refund and extension policy keeps changing so please check the terms at the time of registration and talk to admissions for more clarifications.

Admissions FAQ

Admission process is in progress for our next batch. You can check the admissions page or send an e-mail to for further details.

We have an ongoing admission process so candidates are encouraged to schedule interview whenever they are ready for the interaction. You can send an e-mail to for more information

Yes, we encourage you to speak to them. If you need assistance in getting connected to our alumni or students, reach out to admissions team at .

The program is run in an integrated fashion for all our students worldwide. There is no concept of a local batch. Hence its easy to continue with the program if you shift your location. Within India, we have critical mass in North (Delhi region), West (Pune/Mumbai) and South (Bangalore/Chennai/Hyderabad).

All students can extend the program for 3 months by paying an additional fee of Rs 3,000 after 6 months of batch start date. They can further get an extension for 3 months by paying an additional fee of Rs 3,000 after 9 months of batch start date.

Yes you can apply. The program is designed to make sense for most professionals who are passionate to build perspective and committed to grow more on the business side of any industry.

We follow a cohort based learning and every cohort is up to 30 students. Our batches are usually about 30-60 students.

Please check Fee section for this information. There are several bank and credit card partnership so you can break it in instalments at a very nominal interest rate. You can check with admissions team about student loans and instalments options.

Sunstone has students from 11 countries and 36 different locations. Students can join the program from anywhere in India or globally. Most of the delivery of the program is done through web based live classes and group assignments which require co-ordination over email, phone etc. Classes are held late evenings on weekdays and mornings on Saturday as per India time. All classes are recorded as well so that students can view them later.