Entrepreneurial Strategies

Entrepreneurship is a mix of two opposite worlds - experimentation and strategy. This course gives an insight into how these two opposite worlds come into play - how entrepreneurs think, how they make decisions, how much strategic input goes into running their businesses and how much is experimental.

In this course students make an attempt to understand the mind of entrepreneur by studying real case studies written by few new age Indian entrepreneurs. This study gives students a sense of how their businesses developed, what were some of the key decisions they took and look at it as a way of thinking and decision-making.

Course Directors

Rajul Garg is the Director of Sunstone Business School. A successful IT entrepreneur, he co-founded GlobalLogic (sold for $420M in 2013).

Rajul has advised a variety of VC funds including Sequoia Capital. He serves on many Boards of Directors, including PeopleStrong (USD $1bn company). Rajul is a graduate in Computer Science from IIT Delhi.


Abhishek Kumar
Technical Lead
Abhinav Singh
Project Lead
Karthik Krishnamoorthy

Amit Tiwari
Principal Engineer

This course helped me understand the mind of an entrepreneurship

Of course, there is no defined process to become an entrepreneur but entrepreneurs share some common traits. This course helped me understand those traits through real case studies. My few key learnings were- convince at least one co-founder with your idea and vice versa, execute fast, evaluate, raise capital asap, be persistent, and try entrepreneurship if nothing else excites you more than entrepreneurship.

This course helped me learn what Entrepreneurship is in a modern context

I've always wondered what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how do such people make decisions and the recipe to success. With so many starts up mushrooming in India today, this course really helped in painting a landscape of entrepreneurship. The best part was to listen to all these from the “horse’s mouth”: Rajul Garg – a successful IT entrepreneur"

Arun Srinivas
IT Service Management Consultant