We live in a world of scarce resources. Yet how well we utilize these resources depends on day-to-day decisions that we make. The economic concept of “supply and demand” helps us understand the decisions of others and ourselves. In this module, students learn the basics of sound decision-making by examining choices and scarcity and appreciating how trade creates value for both parties through the principles of ‘comparative advantage’ and ‘free trade’.

Students learn to take better decisions for their business, their society and themselves.

Course Director

Aniket Khera owns creation and delivery of the course Financial Analysis in Decision Making. The course content covers basic to intermediate finance including concepts like capital asset pricing, efficient markets and behavioral finance.

Aniket is passionate about capital markets and is currently fund manager at Wegmans Financial Services. His philosophy of investment revolves around value investing in equity markets, event arbitrage, and behavioral finance.

Aniket is a graduate from IIT Delhi and an MBA, Marketing and Finance from The University of Texas.

Top Rankers

Amandeep Chandna
Senior Manager
Morgan Stanley
Jayesh Viradiya
QA Manager
Kiran Umesh
Chief Project Manager

Shweta Mohite,
Sr. Manager

This course has positively impacted my key decisions

Course has given me a big insight into the decisions made by senior leaders in company. Cost Vs Benefit analysis is not only helping me in my professional life, but also in my personal life. It has positively impacted my key decisions. Comparative analysis and opportunity cost - Learning these concepts for first time and practical application of those are turning out to be very fruitful.

It turned out to be an engaging, thought provoking and fun learning experience

I never imagined this one course will have such a profound impact on how i evaluate and decide on financial choices around. I come from engineering/technology background and I initially thought that learning economics would be very boring. But it turned out to be an engaging, thought provoking and fun learning experience. Application of simple principles like comparative advantage, cost benefit analysis and opportunity cost on real life situations during the course have helped me become more economic savy. I am now able to appreciate why certain business decisions are taken and how an entrepreneur can benefit by being more aware of irrational choices around and take more sound financial decisions by avoiding some common pitfalls.

Tarandeep Sawhney
Program Manager
Innodata Inc