Creating Business Value

In a desperate attempt to improve performance, modern organizations create a plethora of new initiatives such as restructurings, Lean/Six Sigma initiatives, IT projects, HR activities, etc. Unfortunately, many of these initiatives fail to create much business value. Yet external and internal customers demand that we somehow demonstrate the “business value” of our actions…

Students learn to search for breakthroughs that can generate disproportionate business value, and estimate the potential for the same.

Course Director

Joseph Hopper serves as Director – India at the Theory of Constraints Institute and is associated with Goldratt India as a consultant.

Joseph was formerly Director ASA at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. Earlier Joseph headed Corporate Development at NIIT Ltd. where he coordinated strategic planning, monthly reviews and the annual budgeting process for 13 independent business units and 8 central functions.

Joseph holds an M.B.A. in Entrepreneurship and Finance from ISB (Dean’s List) and a B.A. in International Business from King College (USA).

Top Rankers

Gaurav Singh
Senior Analyst
Mani Kunda
Technical Lead
Vinay Singam
Technical Lead

Amir Ahmedi,
Senior Manager,

A novel way to look at the business and opportunities

I must acknowledge the marvelous efforts that Joseph has put into this course to make it so exciting, engaging and enlightening that one wishes to explore more. It changes the prism through which you look at a business and makes it easy to target untapped opportunities or areas of improvement within your work domain.

Understand the mystic behind business value creation for your organization

The CBV course has been a tremendous eye-opener to understand how modifying specific operational measurements can impact the financial outcome of an organization. The personal views and industry information shared in the various discussion forums on this topic opened up my mind towards the real problems and solutions that can impact business value creation in any organization.

Raj Kiran Singh
Project Lead,
Marvell India Pvt. Ltd