Placement & career counselling

Sunstone nano-MBA Program provides placement opportunities in the industry for our students based their aspirations.Sunstone Program is an important period of transition that prepares students to create and leverage opportunities in future. This program is only relevant for students if it makes a lasting impact on their career and that’s how we measure the success of the program.Once the students have built solid academic foundation at Sunstone,it’s important to start taking steps towards their career aspirations.

Career Transition

Students who join our program are looking to find more business-centric roles to put their learning from this program to use. It’s a two-step process:

Building aspirations: Before you set some goals for yourself, it’s important to get the exposure and broaden your horizon. Most of our students are mature and they do not want to jump to a career before understanding the nuances. At Sunstone, the job of our faculty is to act like mentors to help students determine the right goals for their career. Any kind of career transition takes time so it’s important to understand the ground realities and be passionate before trying for it.

Creating opportunities: We continuously create opportunities to educate the industry about our program and our students. Thus, we are generating placement opportunities in the industry for our students depending on their aspirations. Our faculty works with students to prepare them to convert opportunities into reality.

Career Progression

The output of Sunstone program is not measured by answering a binary question- did you change your role after the program or not? It has a long term impact on your career and we measure our success by what are you doing after 4-5 years of the program. Sunstone association is a lifelong association and you create skills and networks that are useful for entire span of your career. You may even identify opportunities and convert them at a later stage of your career.

Career Development Resources

Career Development Resources support students by helping them define their career vision and equipping them with the tools and knowledge they need to fulfill this vision.

Never underestimate the power of a network. Your strongest supporters are your peers and alumni. They have faced or they are facing same dilemmas and relate more to your issues. Diversity within this intense and collegial group can help you identify mentors.

Lot of professionals and entrepreneurs are involved with Sunstone for Curriculum design and delivery. As students, you get ample opportunity to know them and meet them. They love to mentor the students if you can reach out to them with serious intent and energy.

As a result of these efforts, our students have found some outstanding roles in the industry, some through our opportunity creation efforts, some through their own applications and some by upgrading their jobs in their existing companies.

Due to horizontal or vertical shift, students have increased their average compensation significantly. The compensation increase after one year of completion of the program have been:
2.5X compared to industry average for all students:
6X compared to industry average for top 20% students

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