Budgeting & Planning

Financial numbers are the “language of business,” the primary means of communicating progress and performance. Just as any writer must be familiar with the basics of vocabulary and grammar , any aspiring businessperson must gain basic proficiency in the elements, principles and assumptions of modern accounting. This course familiarizes students with the purpose and use of financial statements.

Students take their first steps toward appreciating and working with business numbers as they apply to everyday situations.

Course Directors

Aniket Khera is passionate about capital markets and is currently fund manager at Wegmans Financial Services

His philosophy of investment revolves around value investing in equity markets, event arbitrage, and behavioral finance. Aniket is a graduate from IIT Delhi and an MBA, Marketing and Finance from The University of Texas, Dallas.


Akash Kale
Consultant ERP
Kanuj Malik
Sun Life
Srinath Konagurtu
Lead Consultant

Santosh Pandey ,
Zonal Business Head,

Learned to make sense of business numbers

Being a commerce graduate I love to work and analyze business numbers – and this course gave me ample opportunities to do so.

Deriving implementable actions using financial information

This course has enabled me to have a much improved understanding of the financial aspects, and derive some implementable action items out of them. It also helped me in judging and funding of different projects and hence to design the right project proposals.

Gaurav Gupta
Engineering Manager,