Accounting & Financial Statement Analysis

Financial numbers are the “language of business,” the primary means of communicating progress and performance. Just as any writer must be familiar with the basics of vocabulary and grammar, any aspiring business person must gain basic proficiency in the elements, principles and assumptions of modern accounting.

This course familiarizes students with the purpose and use of financial statements. Students take their first step towards appreciating and working with business numbers as they apply to everyday situations.

Course Directors

Aniket Khera is passionate about capital markets and is currently fund manager at Wegmans Financial Services

His philosophy of investment revolves around value investing in equity markets, event arbitrage, and behavioral finance. Aniket is a graduate from IIT Delhi and an MBA, Marketing and Finance from The University of Texas, Dallas.


Kailash Pamini
Specialist QA Analyst
Pradeep Verma
Software QA Manager
Sandip Jadhav
Arya Group

Ariful Mondal,
Practice Leader,
TCS, North America

Aniket made me fall in love with Accounting!

Aniket comes with extensive knowledge & immense humility. I found him to be the coolest teacher, with so much knowledge and passion about the subject that it was no longer boring and he made me fall in love with accounts and economics. His ‘Student Fund Management’ initiatives would be very interesting to practice in reality.

I now understand a company’s financial health

This course really helped me understand accounting and financial statements of a business and their significance. I can now read and understand P&L, income and cash flow statements of a company, how they are connected and get a very good understanding of a company’s financial health. Aniket really made accounting fun!

Rajesh Shivhare
Senior Manager,